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The 2023 Major League Baseball season began on March 30, with the regular season planned to end on October 1. There are 162 games scheduled for all teams. This will be the first MLB season of a new balanced schedule in which every team will play each other at least once, similar to the NBA and NHL.  The new balanced schedule includes 13 games against their division rivals, totaling 52 games. Each team will play six games against six opponents and seven games against four opponents in the same league for a total of 64 games. Each team will also play 46 interleague games, including a four-game home-and-home series against their designated interleague rival. Follow our news, free and expert picks daily.

Free MLB Betting Picks/Predictions

Navigating the world of sports betting can feel confusing and a bit intimidating. That’s why SportPicksWin puts in the legwork for you to master the art of MLB betting picks and predictions.

Our team of seasoned handicappers follow a methodical approach that evaluates a plethora of variables. The result? A well-thought-out balance between risk and reward that we’re eager to share with you.

The Timing of Our Picks

Time is money, and we know you’re keen on the specifics. You can expect our Expert and Free Picks to roll out:

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Our Methodology: No Guesswork Here

No one likes rolling dice when money’s on the line. We lean on historical data, odds line change analysis, overall sentiment interpretation, and more for the best results.

Types of Bets We Focus On

Not all bets are created equal. Hence, we’ve zeroed in on three specific bet types to mitigate risk and maximize your wins:

Money Line (ML): The cornerstone of sports betting, Money Line is all about picking a winner. It’s not rocket science; you choose a side, and if it wins, so do you. And don’t worry, we offer “Draw” as an option for sports like European Football and UFC, where that outcome is possible.

Spread Points (SP): Rooting for the underdog or confident about a landslide win? Spread Points lets you wager on the margin of victory, not just a win or loss. Your bet depends on how much a team or athlete will outscore their opponent.

Total Points (TP): How high-scoring or lackluster do you think the game will be? Total Points has you wagering on the cumulative score of both teams. Will they go over or under a certain point threshold? You decide.

Odds Line and Pick: A Quick Primer

When it comes to Odds Line, we adhere to the American style. Favored teams come with a minus (-) sign, dictating how much to bet to win $100. Underdogs sport a plus (+) sign, showing how much you’d win with a $100 stake.

Why Choose SportPickWin

We’re not here to make your decisions for you but rather to offer sharp, data-driven insights that could very well propel your betting efforts. And let’s not forget our Parlays—those delightful combos of up to 10 picks that ratchet up both risk and reward.